About Clutch Fly Rods

What is it about a Clutch Fly Rod that makes it so different?

While searching for an answer, something very obvious came to light.  We made a commitment to ourselves to design the rods that we all have dreamed of owning…and then we built them! It’s difficult to describe exactly what makes our rods feel different… Is it our proprietary tapers, our unflinching dedication to quality throughout the manufacturing process? Maybe, but we do know this, upon casting one for the first time it is evident that whatever the answer is, that thing we as fly fisherman seek in the perfect rod…we can honestly say that we believe we may have found it!

rod blanks

Fly fisherman might find it difficult to put into words the feeling that embodies us when we are completely immersed in our element. Whether it’s standing on the casting platform of a flats skiff while watching a long line of rolling Tarpon slowly gliding into casting distance, tying on a dry fly that has been carefully selected while timing the rise of a 20” Trout on a crystal clear Western Stream, or bundled in fleece while ice formations encrust the guides of a Spey Rod while methodically swinging an intruder through a suspected Steelhead haunt on a river in BC.

rod butts

It’s difficult to describe exactly what takes place in our minds, hearts, and souls when we pick up a rod with the feel to transport us to “that place’. Well, our task is to make the intangible- tangible.


The family here at Clutch is dedicated to handcrafting every rod we build, and we are driven only by our love of the sport. The Clutch Fly Rod brand was founded by fly fisherman with passion. It was born far away from a conference room, a chair in a corner office, or by an investment group looking for the next big thing.

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Clutch was born on the water, it was born in the company of friends, and perhaps most importantly it was born in our hearts. It was a runaway ideal way before it was ever a business plan.


There are always a number of differences that set one rod company apart from the next, and what sets Clutch apart is the simple fact that the rods that we design and build are each very different. This means that each line weight is designed specifically for the use that it is intended for, the rod that we always dreamed of, a rod that feels like an extension of your body.

clutch fly rods on a boat

We eliminated the question we sometimes ask ourselves “if this rod would only” by approaching and designing every line weight from a perspective of individuality, and not as a line of rods or a series so to speak. We took a different approach than most companies that offer a “line of rods” that vary in performance and feel from one weight to the next. You know what it’s like, rods within a series are usually better, different, or worse than others. We avoid all of that by designing each rod one at a time…individually…and for a purpose! Why would we as fishermen want a 10wt that has the same attempted taper design as a 5wt in the same line? The answer is simple, we don’t.


Our philosophy is very simple… we make exceptional rods that cast and fish with a purpose, rods that have tremendous sensitivity and control as well as endless reserve power. To put it in simple terms, we build rods that we are proud to put our name on, and that we know you will be very proud to own…


Welcome to the family!


Lee Janik

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Rice

Chief Operations Officer
Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Brand Ambassador

Tony Schopf

Executive Team Member